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~ A message from Lisa Herterich and Dave Thomason ~

At Anam Cara Wellness, we believe that a healthy mind is essential to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Stress, trauma, injury, and disease can take a serious toll on the brain and nervous system, impacting mental health. We are proud to offer IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback as a treatment approach to assist those striving to improve mental well-being.  IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback is a passive, non-invasive treatment method that assists the central nervous system in regulating itself. It appears to do this by helping the brain restore healthy neuropathways that have been altered or disrupted. This can be thought of as “rebooting” a computer by allowing the brain to reorganize itself and shift from formerly fixed patterns. IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback fixes the problem, leading to relief of symptoms.

During microcurrent neurofeedback, brief stimulation (3 picowatts or 3 trillionths of a watt) is applied to the scalp. This allows a temporary fluctuation in brainwaves which allows the brain to reorganize itself and heal. The process is entirely passive and the recipient feels nothing. Our experience shows that 85% of people feel some positive response within 1-3 sessions, with sustainable results after 10-20 sessions. This is a faster result than those typically seen with other modalities. Of course, each individual is unique and results and treatment length will vary. 

Many active duty military, veterans, and first responders have reported an improvement in symptoms related to PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Concussions, as well as improvements in Sleep, Depression, Anxiety, and Anger/Rage. The VA has conducted a study that produced image-based evidence that IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback is safe and effective at significantly reducing the brain wave associated with both PTSD and TBI. More research studies are ongoing. 

Additionally, IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback seems to be beneficial in helping Addiction Issues, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, ADHD, and some aspects of Autism.

Microcurrent neurofeedback can, and many times should, be used in conjunction with appropriate medical care and counseling.


Anam Cara Wellness is committed to helping individuals achieve optimal mental health and functioning. Be kind to your mind!

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